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We supply our Kiln Dried Logs in Crates and they are delivered on a pallet  

We only supply the finest Hornbeam Kiln Dried Logs with a moisture content guaranteed below 18%. Our logs are suitable for Wood Burning Stoves and Open Fires and because they are Kiln Dried you get high energy and heat values to keep you warm and enjoy the ambience of a log fire!

Whats the difference in the type of logs we sell?

Silver Birch - Lights easily, gives off very good heat and a delightful smell

Oak - Excellent heat with an aroma not like any other. Long burning bright flame

Ash - Some say, Ash is the "wood of kings". Ash is a highly dense wood and burns long and hot

Hornbeam - A dense hardwood, similar to Oak and burns for a long time while giving out a efficient heat


Kiln Dried Hornbeam