This is a Limited Edition Crate of 30cm long Kiln Dried Silver Birch Firewood.


We have a limited number of these crates!


This size of log is ideal for open fires and larger log burners. Please make sure your fire can accept a 30cm (12 inch) log before ordering


Includes VAT and free delivery within 3-5 days. “Platinum” next day delivery service is available at an additional cost, please call 01252 929201 for delivery upgrades.


  • Log Size 30cm (12 inch)
  • Crate Dimensions: Length 1.2m x Width 0.95m x Height 1.2m
  • 100% Silver Birch wood
  • Constant heat source giving a clean burn with little smoke.
  • Moisture Content below 18%
  • Approx Loose Volume 2.15 cubic metre



This product is one of our best sellers, Birch is a high-quality hardwood and is perfect to burn in both log burners and fireplaces. It is extremely popular with our customers, as it burns for a very long time and supplies a long, consistent heat source with little smoke.


Our Princess Size Crate of Birch is extremely cost effective, as you get a significant discount compared to smaller volumes, which helps us to provide you with great value for money that ensures low emission, consistent heat with a high energy and heat value.


Order This Product now to get wood that gives you more for your money


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Limited Edition 30cm "Princess Size" Crate of Kiln Dried Birch

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