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Natural Briquettes & Firelighting Pack

Delivered direct to your door with free and next day delivery incuded in most cases* our natural briquette and firelighting pack is perfect for helping you get your fire going.


Our Super Glow 100% natural briquettes are perfect for creating a strong heat source in open fires, multi-fuel stoves, fire pits and more! They have a low moisture content meaning they will burn hotter for longer. Plus with this addition to this bundle we will include natural firelighters and kindling too all to help you get your fire started. 


We have two packs avalible to pick from.


Pack with Kindling Wood includes:


4 x Medium Kindling Bags

1 x Bag of Natural Firelighters (Approx. 80 Firelighters)

2 x Bales of Natural Briquettes (12 Briquettes included in total)


Pack without Kindling Wood includes:


2 x Bags of Natural Firelighters (Approx. 160 Firelighters)

4 x Bales of Natural Briquettes (24 Briquettes included in total)

Natural Briquettes & Firelighting Pack

  • 2 x Natural Briquettes, 1 x Bag of Natural Firelighters & 4 x Medium Kindling Wood 

  • 4 x Natural Briquettes & 2 x Bags of Natural Firelighters

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